10:45am      Opening Circle

11:00am      The Many Wonders of Quartz Crystals ~ Jenny Abell

12:00pm      Transforming What’s the Matter with You ~ Carol Gailey

1:00pm        Wholistic Health; A to Z  & BEMER’S 8 Minute Secret ~ Mary Clark

2:00pm        Group Healing Sessions ~ Chuck Reynolds

3:00pm        Restoring Sanity in a Crazy World with featherhawk essences
​                   ~ Nanci Irene Wesling

4:00pm        Experiences of a Psychic Medium ~ Rick Hayes

5:00pm        How Spirit Gets Our Attention & Provides Us with Answers
                   & Information ~ Lynn Kempf

10:45am       Opening Circle

11:00am       The Secret to Quickly Healing Troubled Families with LIIFT
                    ~ Brian Eastman

12:00pm       Connect to Your True Self and Shine Your Light into the World
​                   ~ Ashley Barnes

1:00pm         Why Am I Here Now? ~ Daniel Hardt

2:00pm         Wellness with Essential Oils ~ Andrea Shetley

3:00pm         How to Care for & Use Your Stones ~ Lasca Kisslinger

4:00pm          Satsang ~ Lee Horn

5:00pm            Enjoy Our Vendors

April 28, 2019
Speaker Schedule
(Subject to Change)

 April 27, 2019
Speaker Schedule

(Subject to Change)