Saturday, April 28, 2018
Speaker Schedule

(Subject to CHANGE)

11:00am            Why Essential Oils Are Essential ~ Andrea Shetley

 12:00pm            Quartz Crystals and Their Many Qualities ~ Jenny Abell

 1:00pm            Gallery Readings with ~ Mediums Holly McCullough & Virginia Gilpin

 2:00pm            The Need for Detoxification is Essential ~ Dr. Mike Medgyessy

 3:00pm            Tree Spirits and Wood Wisdom ~ Thomas Freese

 4:00pm            Multi Dimensional Healing ~ Chuck Reynolds

 5:00pm            Intuition: Our Higher Intelligence ~ Kristine Jenssen

11:00am            Are MY Crystals Talking to Me?  – Lasca Kisslinger

12:00pm            Experience Soma LIIFT Healings & Improve Your Life ~ Brian Eastman

1:00pm            What Shamanism Is and How You Can Participate ~ Joanna Dickey

 2:00pm            If Numerology is Accurate, Is It Fate? ~ Dr. Daniel Hardt

 3:00pm            The Spiritual Meaning of Solar & Lunar Eclipses ~ Nanci Irene Wesling

 4:00pm            Learn to Breathe Again: Reconnect with YOU! ~ Nancy Hutcherson

 5:00pm            Why Sound Therapy and Tuning Forks Are Good For You ~ Carol Gailey

Sunday, April 29, 2018
Speaker Schedule

(Subject to CHANGE)