Vendors, Healers, Counselors, and Lecturers

   JENNY ABELL is the owner of Earthstone Treasures.  She enjoys creating jewelry.  She has been beading for about 7 years now, doing such shows as Cherokee Triangle, Locust Grove Gardener's Fair, Lanesville Heritage, Harvest Homecoming, Gaslight Festival, Kyana Gem and Mineral Show, and several others around the Kentuckiana area. Her primary medium is natural stones (God made) because of their "said" healing powers. As we are coming into a world of self-healing and alternative medicine it only seems NATURAL to use natural stones. She does not promise that you will be "cured" from an illness by wearing her jewelry, however if it provides some comfort and puts a smile on your face, then she has done her job.  Jenny can be reached at 502-664-4388 or

   SHARON CASSEL is a medium that has heard spirit since childhood.  She draws on her intuitive gifts to connect and interpret spirit energy to provide clarity, hope, and relief to those who are directed to her.  She is a diviner that also reads oracle cards and palms to deliver needed messages.  You may contact her at; 502.758.1330 or

   KAREN DEMPSEY, representing It Works! is looking forward to helping friends and families with changing to be happier healthier people with body wraps, nutritional supplements, and more.  Ask her how these products can change your life. Message her on Facebook, message at or phone 502-514-1668.

  LETHA CUPP, also known as GYPSY SOL, is a highly imaginative and creative thinker who utilizes intuitive storytelling to give insight into what Spirit is asking to be revealed through your palms, oracle/tarot cards or a reiki/chakra balance session. Believing that messages are all around us, Letha uses information received from any of her senses to help guide you in your journey. Letha uses Reiki energy work and chakra balance to help people and pets, is a canine massage practitioner and has been reading palms since 1989. She is based in Floyds Knobs, Indiana. Contact;  502-403-9765 or or

  BRIAN EASTMANis the Founder of LIIFT. Weekly Training sessions for LIIFT are held every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 pm EST at the LIIFT office in Cincinnati. Also available by Video-Skype or Google Hang-out.  Intensive LIIFT Training Weekends scheduled in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Contact us for details. Other cities to be scheduled. Please check back for updates. (513) 541-1257 • •

TINA ENGLAND, RN & JO LEIGH HARPER, RN join us representing PHYSICIANS INFUSIONS CENTER, in Jeffersonville, IN.  Jo Leigh was born and raised in southern Indiana. SHe has beeen in the nursing field for 27 years. She has worked in different fields of nursing including Integrated Medicine for over 10 years. She worked closely with both Dr. Wolverton and Dr. Johnson. She has a good relationship with the patience, once establisnhed, they return. Her goal is to ensure patients are able to heal and stay healthy. "Our treatments really do help in a lot of different areas and are all natural".  Tina has been an RN for 25 years and a nurse for 27 years. She has extensive experience in different fields of nursing. Tina worked in a few different Integrated Medical clinics and learned a lot over the years. She worked with Dr. Johnson among others.  She stays up to date on new research and training. Her goal is to make sure patients receive the right treatments and act as a liaison between the patient and doctor. She strives to make sure patients feel they are in a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment while in her care.  Contact the Center at 

  CINDY & MICHAEL FESS together, join hearts with their unique talents of music, video production, speaking, teaching, writing, jewelry making, and art to bring love, healing, and self-empowerment to all......CINDY has been an artist and musician all her life. Since 1981, she has created beautiful handcrafted jewelry for thousands of customers around the world. Cindy is also a Kentucky Crafted Emeritus honoree of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program. Her art has graced the covers of numerous publications, as well as businesses, homes and public institutions, including four brightly painted life-size fiberglass horses for both Louisville, Kentucky's Gallopalooza Brightside civic projects. Cindy also authored a self-help book, Harmony and Me (Chicago Spectrum Press). Cindy's passion is teaching self-empowerment through speaking, writing and intuitive counseling. She also loves to sing and perform with Michael and enjoys using her artistic gifts to inspire people to open their hearts and see their own divinity and inner beauty. At age 13, MICHAEL was already performing and entertaining, both on CBS and NBC affiliates. In high school, Michael began playing percussion in bands professionally, and continued to do so for the next 40 years. He took up piano as well, becoming a master composer and lyricist with 16 albums to his credit. Michael is currently working on another album, as well as creating inspirational videos (well over 40 to date) with his own original music. Inspiration for his music comes directly from his heart and the higher realms. Michael inspires others to find their own path and believe in themselves....following the path of the heart. 

   THOMAS FREESE ATR-BC, LPCC, is a psychic counselor who offers clairvoyant readings at festivals, special events, and from his home office. He is an accurate and experienced reader of tarot, palms and photographs of loved ones. He also teaches workshops and is a speaker at metaphysical events. In 2012 he was the featured speaker at the Alaska Whole Life Festival in Anchorage, Alaska. Thomas also offers psychic Reiki, providing sessions, which are both healing and give valuable information related to body wisdom and past lives. Thomas has taught Palmistry at Bellarmine College and in workshops across the United States. Thomas Freese is a prolific artist working in wood, storytelling and authoring 135 articles and 10 books. Call Thomas for more information at (502) 439-7720 or email at  His website for art, storytelling and book information is

   JACKSON GILPIN & LEXIE PARROTT of Elemental Designs are our youngest entepreneurs and learning how to work in the business world.  They have been very busy creating their own works of art in forms of jewelry making such as bracelets, key chains, and sun catchers  Give them a shout out for all their efforts and hard work, staying up into the wee hours of the morning designing and creating beauty in the world.

  VIRGINIA GILPIN began her spiritual journey in the 12-step programs in 1989 and found herself in a group studying ACIM in the early 90s. This learning, or rather, unlearning, caused her to take a different turn in her life. In 1999, she left the corporate world and opened a Wellness Center, a place of hope, for those ready to seek a different path.  She was ordained into the Order of Melchizedek in 2003.  Stepping into her new ministry, she began coordinating the first Festival of Healing & Spiritual Awareness October 2003, which is now held four times a year, twice in Louisville and twice in Elizabethtown.  After visiting the Brazilian healer, John of God multiple times in 2005, she brought back the first Crystal Bed to Kentucky. She received the message in January 2010 to retire her Wellness Center for new ventures and traveled around the country meeting people that came for Crystal Bed sessions. In the fall of 2013, she took her Crystal Bed to Texas to its next rightful owner.  Virginia is a true Joyologist, a natural born teacher and storyteller, helping others bring positive change into their lives.  Her prophetic abilities allow her to help other seekers. She is in the process of writing her first book about her mystical experiences. Ph: 502-275-9692.  

   DALE GORDON noticed at a very early age that he was different. Being clairaudient, he hears messages from the spirit realm while speaking with family, friends and spirit guides. The Church elders would ask him to pray for them. He would go and pray and start writing messages and would have six or seven pages to give to the elders. He realized that what he was doing was automatic writing. Throughout the years working with his clients, Dale has used all of his gifts. He is a Reiki Master and has degrees in parapsychology, astrology and relaxation therapist and has worked with clients on hypnosis doing past life regression. Dale is a Theta healing practitioner and has helped many clients by using this method of healing. or 502-319-0397 

   LASCA GAIL KISSLINGER, a certified member of the International Institute of Reflexology, is co-owner of Angel Healing & Fairy Magic.   She began her journey into reflexology after taking an alternative healing class at the University of Louisville.  She decided to pursue her education in reflexology and became certified in 2007.  Lasca is a life-long learner and has expanded her education to include the healing powers of rocks and crystals. Lasca’s reflexology techniques are unique.  She discovered incorporating rocks and crystals into her sessions positively augments the effect for many of her clients.  Lasca’s talents also include designing jewelry, which incorporates healing stones.  Lasca's passion is to help the body heal itself and believes doctors and alternative healers should work in harmony to help care for the body, mind and soul.  She believes that God and the Universe provide all we need, we just need to watch and listen for the answers. Email; or
​phone 502-321-1742.

   EMILY LYNN is a Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Crystal Surgeon and Intuitive Healer. She founded Quantum Leap Holistic Health in 2015 and has been bridging the gap between holistic services and health for aeons. Emily practices out of inner peace holistic by appointment only. 24 hours notice. Contact info 859-380-9641 or 

   JEFFREY POE, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, Intuitive, Sound healer, Demonologist, Remote Viewer, Oneness Blessing and Meditation Facilitator, is the Coordinator of Good Journeys Expo and Owner of Good Journeys House of Healing. Jeff has been seeing the dead since he was 6 years old and talks with them and your guides to help you find the answers to life’s questions.  He offers Psychic Readings, Crystals, Stones, Meditation CDs, Books & More!  Visit Jeffrey for your Metaphysical Needs! Contact Jeff at
  THOMAS PUTMAN, Energy Alchemist, has experienced many lives on this planet working with Higher energies.  He has spent more than thirty years living and studying in various Sacred sites around the world, such as Luxor Egypt, Mount Shasta, Sedona, Romania, and Mexico.  Currently he is using his knowledge and experience working with sacred geometric patterns, crystal grids, stones and copper pyramids to transmute lower energies into Higher frequencies. 309-340-8782  

   LYNN BROWN RENZ began her spiritual journey in the mist of facing many obstacles, one in which her son was starting to have nightmares, as she started to lose hope. She decided to dive into her creative side that she was gifted with and wrote a story that not only helped her son drift off into dreamland, but opened up a magical world her son would never forget.  The fear of sleeping disappeared. Seeing how much it helped her son, she decided to have it published to help other children have Happy Magical Dreams. With the many talents that she carries, she has also started designing her own tarot deck (samples will be displayed for viewing). But she didn't stop there. Following her dreams and intuition, she has published her first novel, Love, Light and Violet.  Magic was brought to her world when she least expected it.  Now she is bringing magic into the life of others.  In addition to her books, Lynne designs unique jewelry from old skeleton keys and recovered jewelry pieces. These will be available in limited quantities at the Festivals.  Lynn is a Reiki Practitioner, Oneness Blessing Practitioner and a spiritual soul. She's always spreading love, light and kindness wherever she goes.  Lynn resides in Kentucky with her husband and children. She currently works in the medical field, where she is the bright smile and kind voice that brightens the days of those in pain. Contact Lynn at or on Social Media;   Instagra: lynn renz author  or

   ALEX SCHWINGHAMER is a clairvoyant and clairaudient psychic that works out of light and love for the highest and greatest good of all who seek. He sets strong intentions to help his clients move forward with balance of their personal lives and harmonize with the world surrounding them. Alex offers guidance through channeled poetry and artwork. or

  LORI STRANGE works with Joe Walters as a Crystal Sensitive and Holy Fire Reiki Master.  In a session, Lori will work with your energy to determine which stones will best support and enhance your own energy.  The stones are available for purchase, or Joe can incorporate them into a beautiful Necklace or Bracelet infused with Holy Fire Reiki, custom designed for you! Ph: 502-533-3782 or

   SYBIL TEMPLE, is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Melchizedek Method Instructor with training and certifications in a wide variety of approaches and methods for personal transformation and healing. Her approach integrates traditional coaching along with the latest advances in neuroscience and mind/body approaches to address the whole person in a powerful and effective manner.  As a Light Bringer and Cosmic Catalyst, she collaborates with clients in clearing old traumas, hidden emotional wounds and chaotic experiences, to unlock the special gifts they are meant to have in this life. As these old energies are cleared away, people find they feel lighter, happier and healthier; their quality of life improves - life becomes magical. Ultimately, she guides people back to a heart-knowing remembrance of their Divine Connection as unconditional love! Services are available via phone, Skype and in person.  In addition to being a Transformational Life Optimization coach, Sybil hand-crafts High Frequency Magnesium Oil, as described by users as "magic in a bottle."  Learn more about Sybil's work at or text 502-509-1647

  REBECCA TENNILL is an Akashic Records Consultant with 10 years experience.  The Akashic Records are the energetic recording of your soul’s journey over every lifetime.  The healing energy of the Akashic Records is beautiful.  Becky also helps people create their manifestation wheels.  Ph: 502-432-6265 or

  JOE WALTERS has been a Crystal Sensitive and Jeweler Craftsman for over 20 years (in this lifetime) as well as previous lifetimes.  As a Crystal Sensitive, Joe can work with individuals to identify stones, metals and designs that will partner with one’s energy and intent.  Joe has worked for Sterling Company (Jared Jewelers), Tiffany & Co, and has done extensive custom work in both Gold and Silver out of his own studio.  As a Jeweler Craftsman, Joe specializes in both new custom designs and repurposing existing pieces in both gold and silver.  He can also resize, repair and restore those special pieces with care and precision.  Ph: 740-398-8306

  NANCI IRENE WESLING is a teacher, healer, ordained minister, and the producer of featherhawk essences, gentle vibrational remedies for healing the soul. In her practice she uses Essences, Sound Healing, Essential Oils, and Energy Work providing deep and lasting healing for Body, Mind, Soul, and Emotions. Private sessions by appointment from a distance, in your home or in New Albany, Indiana * *   502.435.6445