Sunday, September 9, 2018

Speakers Schedule
(subject to changes)

11:00am    Opening Circle   

12:00pm    Intro to Using Your Tumbled Stones ~ Lasca Kissingler

1:00pm     Tree Spirits & Wood Wisdom ~ Thomas Freese

2:00pm     Angels; Here, There and Everywhere ~ Michael & Cindy Fess

3:00pm     IV Therapy – Beneficial Treatment for Cancer, Lyme & More 
​                  ~ Physicians Infusions Center

4:00pm     The Power of Levitation - Virginia Gilpin   

5:00pm      Enjoy our Vendors  

Saturday, September 8, 2018 

Speaker Schedule
(subject to changes)

11:00am   Opening Circle

12:00pm   The Many Wonders of Quartz Crystals ~ Jenny Abell

1:00pm    Prolotherapy – Benefits of Ozone & Chelation 
~ Physicians Infusions Center

2:00pm   Pendulum Dowsing; Old-Fashioned 21st Century Tool ~ Nanci Wesling

3:00pm   Heal Your Finances; Improve Your Prosperity ~ Brian Eastman

4:00pm     Healing Your Life with Soul Retrieval ~ Sybil Temple

5:00pm     Manifesting thru the Akashic Records
 ~ Becky Tinnell