JENNY ABELL is the owner of Earthstone Treasures.  She enjoys creating jewelry.  She has been beading for about 7 years now, doing such shows as Cherokee Triangle, Locust Grove Gardener's Fair, Lanesville Heritage, Harvest Homecoming, Gaslight Festival, Kyana Gem and Mineral Show, and several others around the Kentuckiana area. Her primary medium is natural stones (God made) because of their "said" healing powers. As we are coming into a world of self-healing and alternative medicine it only seems NATURAL to use natural stones. She does not promise that you will be "cured" from an illness by wearing her jewelry, however if it provides some comfort and puts a smile on your face, then she has done her job.  Jenny can be reached at 502-664-4388 or

​   BRENT & LILO ANDERSON will be join us to provide the service of Quantum Relief Nutritional Roadmapping (QRNR).  QRNR is a hand-on Wellness Evaluation.  This technique uses 28 points on the body that indicate excess/deficiencies in the body/organ system.  


  JUDY BAGAN is the co-owner of Panther Totem Blessings, and harvester of many homegrown Herbs, Honey & Healing Solutions, she provides the services of Herbal/Nutritional Readings & Counseling. Judy is a certified Nutritional Herbologist and Family Herbalist.  She grows and sells over 110 medicinal and culinary herbs and raises bees for honey and creamed honey on a small farm in Mercer County, KY.  She also does hands on intuitive health readings and healing touch.  “Home Grown Heroes” Certified, Judy is retired military (29+ years) and her husband is a Vietnam Veteran.  859-733-3478 ​


   TOM BISHOP is a hands-on healer.  He places his hands where guided on the client, and assists with the removing of pain, helping/healing those who are to be healed.  This can be done standing, sitting or lying down during a table session.  The client must be willing to allow the healing and be with the process.  Through these sessions, one can be healed spiritually, mentally and physically.  This type of healing can also be done long distance with the client's full name and permission. Tom is also an Akashic Records Consultant. Akashic Records are the soul's journey from inception through past, present and future lives as you are living today.  Your records keepers know everything pertaining to your journeys. Tom is a ONENESS BLESSING FACILITATOR. Oneness Blessing is the transfer of energy that initiates the journey into higher states of consciousness.  Through this evolution it is possible to obtain healing, setting right of relationships, increased resilience and the ability to deal with life's problems.  As a facilitator, he expresses gratitude in invoking the Divine presence.  He lays his hands upon the client's head and the blessing begins.  Contact Tom;  502-316-2566 or 502-316-3586 or

   SHIRLEY KERR-BISHOP has worked as a physical therapist for 20 years, helping people of various ages move and function better.  For most of her young and adult life she has researched natural and holistic ways of healing herself and others.  Interest began to build in her first career as a musician and piano teacher.  Since 2005 when she learned Reiki, Shirley has been studying energy healing and medical intuition with a variety of teachers and facilitators and is certified as a Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master as well as in Integrated Energy Therapy.  During a Reiki share in 2013, with her hand on a friend's head, Shirley discovered that she could feel the physical structures of the brain and the brain activity - a culmination of hands, heart, and Spirit.  So began Energy: Head to Toe sourced from Divine Love!  Benefits include: reducing stress; enhancing thought clarity; balancing the right and left brain; enhancing intuition; improved sleep; healing from trauma, grief, and depression as well as from brain and communication disorders.  If desired, this healing modality can also explore and give insight into past lives and root causes of illness and issues with energy flow physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Sessions usually last 30 to 60 minutes depending on client needs and can be done in person or done remotely.  Please call 317-752-5377 or email for more information or to set up an appointment. 


   SHARON CASSEL is a medium that has heard spirit since childhood.  She draws on her intuitive gifts to connect and interpret spirit energy to provide clarity, hope, and relief to those who are directed to her.  She is a diviner that also reads oracle cards and palms to deliver needed messages.  You may contact her at; 502.758.1330 or

   GLENDORA CECIL joins us with her jewlelry Craftsmanship.


   CLAIRVOYANT DEDE “My Spirit Care with Clairvoyant Dede” welcomes you to the Festival of Healing and Spiritual Awareness! My Spirit Care is an online clairvoyant and spiritual website for spiritual seekers, Starseed, and Lightworkers. Dede is a professional clairvoyant with over 30 years of helping others to find spiritual connection in the chaos of daily life. She is an ordained minister, a life-long metaphysician, metaphysical author, lecturer, and deep trance channel. She is present at the Festival to help you with questions you have about your life, relationships, and spiritual path. She offers clarity about your Divine Angels and Guides, paranormal experiences and dreams, spiritual energy and auras, ghosts and clearing spaces of unwanted energies, creating positive energy in your life and manifesting your destiny. Stop by the booth for a chat or a consultation, we are looking forward to meeting you!


   THOMAS FREESE ATR-BC, LPCC, is a psychic counselor who offerings clairvoyant readings at festivals, special events, and from his home office. He is an accurate and experienced reader of tarot, palms and photographs of loved ones. Thomas also does past life readings. He also teaches workshops and is a speaker at metaphysical events. In 2012 & 2018 he was the featured speaker at the Alaska Whole Life Festival in Anchorage, Alaska. Thomas also offers psychic Reiki, providing sessions, which are both healing and give valuable information related to body wisdom and past lives. Thomas has taught Palmistry at Bellarmine College and in workshops across the United States. Thomas Freese is a prolific artist working in wood, storytelling and authoring 200 articles & reviews and 11 books. He is available for workshops and professional speaking, corporate jobs or private parties. His current book is Tree Spirits and Wood Wisdom, which provides the metaphysical meanings for 123 trees/woods including an index to look up attributes and issues, paired with the particular tree/wood that is helpful.  Thomas crafts often in wood, making jewelry, spoons, ornaments and wands. He also works in stone, bone, shell and antler. His renderings of complex Celtic interlaces adorn pendants, beads, pins and earrings. Please find him on Facebook where he posts completed art pieces and upcoming events.
SUNDAY ONLY.  For more information phone (502) 439-7720 or email at His website for art, storytelling and book information is


​   CAROL GAILEY is the owner of Soul Glad Coaching, LLC.  She provides Cymatherapy sessions and includes in her healing the use of tuning forks.  Sound frequencies are a powerful way to clear blockages physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  This helps in the release of trauma for those who are experiencing PTSD.

    KAREN GEORGE comes to us from Columbus, Indiana.  Many who have attended our Festivals since 2003 have met our past Aura Photographer, Kathy Glover.  Karen George is the wonderful lady who inspired Kathy Glover to start her business in aura photography and sold Kathy her camera.  Since Kathy's passing in 2017, we have missed having this modality with us.  Now we have Karen, an amazing intuitive who gives very detailed information about the energies that surround your human field via photography. Many have been waiting for this opportunity again.  You won't want to miss this!  Phone 812-350-7688

  VIRGINIA GILPIN will represent BEMER Technology at this Festival of Healing.  BEMER is a medical device that works to enhance the body's microcirculation system.  Virginia began her spiritual journey in the 12-step programs in 1989 and found herself in a group studying ACIM in the early 90s. This learning, or rather, unlearning, caused her to take a different turn in her life. In 1999, she left the corporate world and opened a Wellness Center, a place of hope, for those ready to seek a different path.  She was ordained into the Order of Melchizedek in 2003.  Stepping into her new ministry, she began coordinating Kentucky's first Festival of Healing & Spiritual Awareness October 2003, which is now held four times a year, twice in Louisville area and twice in Elizabethtown.  Virginia is a true Joyologist, a natural born teacher and storyteller, helping others bring positive change into their lives.  Her prophetic abilities allow her to help other seekers. She is in the process of writing her first book about her mystical experiences. Ph: 502-275-9692.     


   DALE GORDON noticed at a very early age that he was different. Being clairaudient, he hears messages from the spirit realm speaking with family, friends and spirit guides. The Church elders would ask him to pray for them. He would go and pray and start writing messages and would have six or seven pages to give to the elders. He realized that what he was doing was automatic writing. Through out the years Dale has operated in all the gifts working with his clients. He is a Reiki Master and has degrees in parapsychology, astrology and relaxation therapist and has worked with clients on hypnosis doing past life regression. Dale is a Theta healing practitioner and has helped many clients by using this method of healing. or 502-319-0397


   MARK GROTEis the President of ECKANKAR The purpose of Eckankar is to make God an everyday reality in your life.  As Soul, you have the God-knowledge within you. The teachings of ECK will awaken the knowledge and love for the divine things that are already in your heart.  The road to God is the adventure of a lifetime.  Have You Heard the Call of Soul?  If you are a sincere seeker of truth, you realize that something within you is constantly pushing you from the nest. You know the answers you seek do exist somewhere in the world. This inner force that pushes you to find the answers is an urge you have no control over.  It is the call of Soul.  Prayer. Meditation. Contemplation. What's at the heart of these spiritual practices? Each is a response to the call of Soul. Each represents an individual's desire to contact the source of all truth. Different paths to reach the same goal. You are Soul, a divine spark of God on a journey homeward. Soul wants to experience more of the Voice of God, which can be heard as Sound or seen as Light. So you begin your search.


   DR. DANIEL HARDT is a 72 year-old DePauw University graduate who struggled through several changes of major in college. Because he did not know himself well, he was too influenced by the course of others who thought that they knew what he should pursue. After earning a J.D. degree from Indiana University, he practiced law for fifteen years, but lacked the necessary passion. Only after twenty additional years of job changes and uncertainty did he find his place in numerology. With the intensity of a true convert, he applied himself to the mastery of his chosen field. He has found fulfillment in teaching, writing and counseling. Through his own experience he is now ready, willing and able to help you to take charge of your own life through a deeper understanding of your true self.  Daniel is President of Life Path Numerology, Inc.  Contact him at


   LAHNA HARRIS will be offering Energy Readings at the Chakra Station booth.  With an energy reading, you will receive a handwriting scan (analysis), a Reiki scan and a pendulum scan to assess which of your chakras need support at this time.  You take home with you a supportive chakra stone, a pendulum, and a set of Chakra Affirmations.  Lahna is clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient.  She will have her divinely channeled book, SPIRIT SCOPES ~ Messages for First Names, available at her booth, and she will be happy to sign your copy.  She is a certified, professional handwriting analyst, a Reiki Master teacher, and hypnotherapist for past life regression.  ROBBIE STONE will help you with "all things chakras" at the CHAKRA STATION booth.  Robbie became interested in energy work and metaphysical subjects through his booth partner, Lahna Harris.  He is excited about serving others through offering items to assist you on your journey balance.  Robbie lives in Seymour, Indiana with his amazing German Shepherd dog, Axel, and enjoys visiting with his daughter and grandson. or


   SAMUEL LEE HORN is a devoted disciple of revered Sadhguru Kamleshwaranand Ji. Lee acts as liaison between Guru and US followers. He is devoted to the study of Yog, Dhyan, and mastering the arts of Mantra, Tantra, Yantra.

 LYNN KEMPF is the “ The Leaf Whisperer.”  Lynn has been a student of metaphysics and holistic healing for forty plus years. She is also an artist, with watercolor as her primary medium.  A Reiki Master, Lynn is intent on bringing healing to the world through energy healing using the EPFX SCIO, Reiki and from healing messages brought forth from her original Tree Wisdom Oracle cards.  Lynn enjoys a deep connection with her guides and guardians besides being gifted with claircognizance, knowing that you know.   Lynn has always had a special connection with all of God’s creation and began receiving messages from leaves a few years ago. Yes, trees and rocks talk too.  Her spiritual teacher encouraged her to create her own oracle cards from the leaves that she held to receive messages. The cards she uses are comprised of thirty-two leaf paintings on one side and thirty-two tree paintings on the other.  The word on each card was given to her from the original living leaf. Lynn uses these cards in a spread to bring messages of truth and healing to the recipient.  Besides the leaf message there is a lot of symbolism with the tree on the front.  Lynn is also a student of Shamanism and wanted to depict the tree connecting the Upper World to the Lower World all being illumined by the Sun and Grandmother Moon.  There is much ancient wisdom waiting to be heard from our nature friends.  We just need to listen.  502-266-0976 or


  LASCA GAIL KISSLINGER is a certified member of the International Institute of Reflexology. She began her journey into reflexology after taking an alternative healing class at the University of Louisville.  She decided to pursue her education in reflexology and became certified in 2007.  Lasca is a life-long learner and has expanded her education to include the healing powers of rocks and crystals. Lasca’s reflexology techniques are unique.  She discovered incorporating rocks and crystals into her sessions positively augments the effect for many of her clients.  Lasca’s talents also include designing jewelry, which incorporates healing stones.  Lasca's passion is to help the body heal itself and believes doctors and alternative healers should work in harmony to help care for the body, mind and soul.  She believes that God and the Universe provide all we need, we just need to watch and listen for the answers. Lasca can be reached by email at or phone 1-502-321-1742.


   LATIFA MEENA currently calls Louisville, KY home. She has two “babies” of her own…her dogs Mocha and Heidi. Latifa is eloquent and quick, with an infectious giggle.  She began her professional career in the corporate world as a Microsoft Trainer and has been speaking in front of audiences since 1991. She has always been drawn to animals and today her topics are a bit different. She is likely to bring tears of comfort to a hurting pet owner as she describes their recently euthanized dog as being happy and grateful after having crossed over. Latifa captivates the audience and can keep her composure while moving from one person to the next. Over the last several years, Latifa has been studying Animal Communication and "Hands on" Healing.  She has attended multiple classes receiving hands-on training and experience with a variety of sources.  She subscribes to the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators, formulated in 1990 by internationally-acclaimed pioneer Animal Communication Specialist, Penelope Smith. She has clients all over the world and has also conducted workshops and events along the east coast.  She has been featured on TV in the southeast regional market, after conducting workshops with Three Dog Bakery, a specialty bakery for dogs. Latifa has had several TV appearances, most recently on the Animal Planet show ‘Call of the Wild.’ Latifa also provides psychic services for “humans” as we all need a little help with life!  Please feel free to contact Latifa for more information or to schedule a personal session. or 502-641-4119   


​   SHEILA MILES, ND is Board Certified as a Naturopathic Physician by the National Board of Examiners in Integrated/Alternative Medicine and Natural Health Science.  In addition, she earned a Doctorate in Natural Health Science.  She is also certified in Iridology, Manipulation, Hydrotherapy, Acupressure Massage, Nutrition, Homeopathy and Herbal preparations, Life Coach and NLP practitioner. She will be offering foot detox, light treatments, Zyto whole body scanning, and hair analysis. Phone 270-524-0305 and 270-774-1734 Email- or


   CHERISE MONTGOMERY holds a Bachelor's of Science in Biology, and has been providing nutritional advice and knowledge of herbal supplements at Rainbow Blossom Natural Foods Markets in Louisville, KY for nearly 7 years.  In addition, she has been collecting semi-precious gemstones and making jewelry since the age of 10.  These pastimes have evolved into Cherry Bones Arts, where she selects powerful crystals and stones (and sometimes, yes, bones) to incorporate into wire-wrapped jewelry.  She provides customized jewelry as well, and has large and small crystal and mineral specimens for sale, along with a wide variety of tumbled stones.   


   ​JEFFREY POE, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Life Coach, Intuitive, Sound healer, Demonologist, Remote Viewer, Oneness Blessing and Meditation Facilitator, is the Coordinator of Good Journeys Expo and Owner of Good Journeys House of Healing. Jeff has been seeing the dead since he was 6 years old and talks with them and your guides to help you find the answers to life’s questions.  He offers Psychic Readings, Crystals, Stones, Meditation CDs, Books & More!  Visit Jeffrey for your Metaphysical Needs! Contact Jeff at 


​   THOMAS PUTMAN, an Energy Alchemist, has experienced many lives on this planet working with Higher energies.  He has spent more than thirty years living and studying in various Sacred sites around the world, such as Luxor Egypt, Mount Shasta, Sedona, Romania, and Mexico.  Currently he is using his knowledge and experience working with sacred geometric patterns, crystal grids, stones and copper pyramids to transmute lower energies into Higher frequencies. 309-340-8782


   LYNN BROWN RENZ began her spiritual journey in the mist of facing many obstacles, one in which her son was starting to have nightmares, as she started to lose hope. She decided to dive into her creative side that she was gifted with and wrote a story that not only helped her son drift off into dreamland, but opened up a magical world her son would never forget.  The fear of sleeping disappeared. Seeing how much it helped her son, she decided to have it published to help other children have Happy Magical Dreams. With the many talents that she carries, she has also started designing her own tarot deck (samples will be displayed for viewing). But she didn't stop there. Following her dreams and intuition, she has published her first novel, Love, Light and Violet.  Magic was brought to her world when she least expected it.  Now she is bringing magic into the life of others.  In addition to her books, Lynne designs unique jewelry from old skeleton keys and recovered jewelry pieces. These will be available in limited quantities at the Festivals.  Lynn is a Reiki Practitioner, Oneness Blessing Practitioner and a spiritual soul. She's always spreading love, light and kindness wherever she goes.  Lynn resides in Kentucky with her husband and children. She currently works in the medical field, where she is the bright smile and kind voice that brightens the days of those in pain. Contact Lynn at or on Social Media;   Instagra: lynn renz author  or

  BILL SCHOOK is an ordained minister, a Reiki Master/Teacher, a member of the Dinshah Society, a part of the Kentuckiana Holistic Nurses Association, a shamanic practitioner a Medicine Man of the Oklevueha Native American Church of Ohio and a certified medical intuitive.  He has been studying holistic health and education since before 2001 and enjoys aiding in the healing process by inducing the body’s own natural restorative abilities. He is a believer that the body has the capacity to recover from any sickness, dis-ease, or ailment. He has a desire to help heal the world, one person at a time.  Please visit his web site at where he has many of his products available for sale. Please visit for additional information.


   ANDREA L. SHETLEY is a certified Quantum Relief Practitioner, and dōTERRA Wellness Advocate and essential oils instructor from Fayetteville, TN.  Andrea has been studying and using essential oils for over 9 years, and exploring alternative, natural health options for over 20 years.  She promotes and practices a well-rounded approach of diet, exercise, meditation/reflection/prayer, grounding, and self-love/respect as critical in gaining and maintaining balance in all areas of life (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).  Essential oils are an important part of her daily routine.  Andrea's team members Brent & Lilo Anderson will be with us for this event.  Contact Andrea; 703-901-1893

Contact Brent; 931-993-7841.


   SANDY STEPHENSON is an intuitive and tarot reader.

  LORI STRANGE is a Crystal Sensitive and Holy Fire Reiki Master.  In a session, Lori will work with your energy to determine which stones will best support and enhance your own energy.  The stones are available for purchase, or Joe can incorporate them into a beautiful Necklace or Bracelet infused with Holy Fire Reiki, custom designed for you! Phone; 502-533-3782 or​  


   BOB TEETS is an author, editor, publisher and retired journalist.  Bob values freedom, tolerance and open expression. He is now fulfilling a life-long dream of service and teaching through his practice of shamanism and his on-going independent research into comparative spirituality. His impulse for service also extends into the making of sacred drums and other ceremonial items for people on a spiritual path. His PERSONAL STATEMENT: "It is evident that we must somehow make positive changes amid the assault on our lives from corporate / government oligarchy, media incompetence / fear mongering, and the betrayal of our true spiritual nature and instincts by sometimes well meaning but errant and competing religious philosophies. Truth is in your heart, and positive change begins with its soulful expression in service to others and to All That Is."  Aho and Namaste, my friend.  Visit his website: or


   REBECCA TENNILL is an Akashic Records Consultant with 10 years experience.  The Akashic Records are the energetic recording of your soul’s journey over every lifetime.  The healing energy of the Akashic Records is beautiful.  Becky also helps people create their manifestation wheels.  ​Ph: 502-432-6265 or


   VINCENT TESCIONNE is a clairvoyant reader and hails from Harriman, TN. Vince has studied the art of Tarot for 47 years and has taken an interest in many religions throughout the world. Those studies have taken him to study different arts of meditation and divination. At the age of 32, he took about a year to study Kabbalah from a mentor who had been studying Kabbalah for 45 years. During that same time period Vince studied candle reading and meditation, crystal, acupressure, and energy work to help heal others and help clear Chakras. He has been reading professionally over 25 years throughout the southeastern U.S. "I find I am fascinated as much by Kabbalah- Ancient Hebrew mysticism - as I am with Native American traditions and the peaceful way of Eastern religions. I think Spirit- or God if you will - has given us many paths to find three dimensional and spiritual peace so everyone can learn, and grow." Vince is the Co-founder of a Day of Peace a non profit organization to help people through mediation find inner peace with the next natural step being world peace.  " I do not think of myself as some kind of super being or guru, I am simply conduit of Spirit. I have been well blessed and am thankful every day for that gift."  C.s. or Caryn Pipkin has been studying various forms of religions with a strong background in Celtic traditions and Kabbalah as well. Caryn is well versed in  reading Tarot for others and is an intuitive and clairvoyant  reader also. Caryn has an in depth knowledge in herbal and green remedies. She makes and crafts talismans,  herbal charms and is also known for using everything from crystals, candles and tea leaves to read for people and promotes positive energy for others through meditation. Caryn has been studying various religions and reading for about 30 years. She is known in East Tennessee has a following in Georgia and in other parts of the south east through her reading and mentoring others. "Working and helping others in a spiritual way is, and always has been a very natural thing to me." Combined they are A Touch of Magic and Such. A small company that imports elemental goods such as crystals, incense, shells and other spiritual and elemental things from all over the world.Theye also craft crystal wraps, talismans, walking sticks and staffs, pendulums and any other goodies that strike our fancy. And of course reading for folks. You can find them on facebook and get in touch with them at 865-483-0008 or email at


   JOSEPHINE AND RUSS UNDERWOOD are the owners of JR ROCKS.  With over 30 years of experience, they will present their custom made wire wrapped gemstone jewelry.  Their designs are made of sterling silver or 14K goldfilled wire.  Russ has developed his own unique style of working with gemstones and square wire.  Josephine uses the same wire but in a round form.  She specializes in "eternity circles" as well as beaded designs.  One of her current favorites is jade made in the red hill tradition from Ancient China.  She uses the medallions as the focus of her "wearable art."  Their styles compliment one another.  Both are self taught and not limiting their work to standard techniques, yet developing their own separate styles.  Always look for the unexpected at their booth.  Come and check out their treasures.  Phone; 270-369-9180 or or

  JOE WALTERS has been a Crystal Sensitive and Jeweler Craftsman for over 20 years (in this lifetime) as well as previous lifetimes.  As a Crystal Sensitive, Joe can work with individuals to identify stones, metals and designs that will partner with one’s energy and intent.  Joe has worked for Sterling Company (Jared Jewelers), Tiffany & Co, and has done extensive custom work in both Gold and Silver out of his own studio.  As a Jeweler Craftsman, Joe specializes in both new custom designs and repurposing existing pieces in both gold and silver.  He can also resize, repair and restore those special pieces with care and precision.  Ph: 740-398-8306

  CONSTANCE WARREN - In l971, Constance Warren discovered yoga, and began transforming her life from a high school teacher to a self-employed yoga teacher.  In 1974, she studied handwriting analysis, and began analyzing nearly everyone she met.  She was shocked and amazed when strangers began commenting that she was doing more than handwriting analysis.  She was that intuitive! This led her to become a paid entertainer in her home and at parties, and nightspots in Louisville, Shelbyville and Lexington.  Soon that practice led her to reading cards and palms.  Later, she added numerology, astrology and prayer.  Much later, she became a Reiki Master teacher.  And for the past seventeen years, she has been a regular contributor to Odyssey, a regional publication.  In December 2012, Constance published her first book entitle, On My Way, Reflections of a Kentucky Psychic.  It is a heartfelt memoir revealing authentic gifts and tenacious courage of the human spirit.  Her book is filled with hilarious humor, and at times, tears of heartbreak. She is available for private readings in her home in Louisville or for party entertainment.  She has been a guest speaker and lecturer at various psychic fairs and churches.  Ph. 502-899-7465. Constance's book can be purchased HERE


   ​SYBIL WATTS is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Melchizedek Method Instructor with training and certifications in a wide variety of approaches and methods for personal transformation and healing. Her approach integrates traditional coaching along with the latest advances in neuroscience and mind/body approaches to address the whole person in a powerful and effective manner.  As a Light Bringer and Cosmic Catalyst, she collaborates with clients in clearing old traumas, hidden emotional wounds and chaotic experiences, to unlock the special gifts they are meant to have in this life. As these old energies are cleared away, people find they feel lighter, happier and healthier; their quality of life improves - life becomes magical. Ultimately, She guides people back to a heart-knowing remembrance of their Divine Connection as unconditional love! Learn more about Sybil's work at


  NANCI IRENE WESLING is a teacher, healer, ordained minister, and the producer of featherhawk essences, gentle vibrational remedies for healing the soul. In her practice she uses Essences, Sound Healing, Essential Oils, and Energy Work providing deep and lasting healing for Body, Mind, Soul, and Emotions. Private sessions by appointment from a distance, in your home or in New Albany, Indiana
* *   502.435.6445

Vendors, Healers, Counselors, and Lecturers