11:00                        OPENING CIRCLE

12:00pm          Intro to Using Your Tumbled Stones
                         – Lasca Kisslinger
1:00pm            Raising Consciousness by Shifting Your Ancestral
                         Memories – Chuck Reynolds
2:00pm            Quantum Relief Nutritional Roadmapping
                          – Brent & Lilo Anderson
3:00pm            Animals Can Talk – Latifa Meena

4:00pm            Middle Pillar Meditation – Vincent Tescione

5:00pm            Enjoy the Vendors!

Speakers Schedule

​Saturday, January 19, 2019

(Subject to Change)

10:00am          OPENING CIRCLE

11:00am          The Many Wonders of Quartz Crystals
                        – Jenny Abell
12:00pm          Coincidences, Synchronicity, Divine Timing
                         – Lynn Kempf
1:00pm            Kids See Ghosts – Thomas Freese

2:00pm            Numerology – Your Life Manual
                         – Dr. Daniel Hardt, Numerologist
3:00pm            Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils
                         – Andrea Shetley
4:00pm            Easy Energy Clearing for Healing Spaces
                        – Chele Ruthemeyer

​5:00pm            Is Your CLOWN Chakra Open? 
                       – Virginia Gilpin, Joyologist

Sunday, January 20, 2019 
(Subject to Change)