10:00am         Healing Hands – Do You Have Them? ~ Judy Bagan

11:00am         Get Healed with LIIFT – Brian Eastman

12:00pm         Many Wonders of Quartz Crystals ~ Jenny Abell

1:00pm            Multi-Dimensional Healing ~ Chuck Reynolds

2:00pm           The Healing Power of Trees ~ Thomas Freese

3:00 pm          The Spirituality of Things  ~ Numerologist Dr. Daniel Hardt

 4:00pm         My Near-Death Experience; Dying & Returning to the Living
​                        ~ Holly McCullough

5:00pm          Essential Oils 101; The Basics  ~ Brent/Lilo Anderson

Sunday, July 22, 2018

(Subject to Change)

11:00am         Create a Manifestation Wheel ~ Becky Tennill

12:00pm        The Spiritual Connection; The One Emotion to Dissolve to Evolve
​                        ~ Rick Hayes

1:00pm          Exploring the Power of Sound Therapy ~ Carol Gailey

2:00pm         Why Magnesium is So Important for Healing ~ Sybil Watts

3:00 pm        Where to Place Crystals in My Home  ~ Lasca Kisslinger

4:00pm         Using featherhawk essences For Emotional Healing
                     ~ Nanci Wesling

5:00pm          Synchronicity/Spirit Working On Your Behalf ~ Lynn Kempf


Speakers Schedule

​Saturday, July 21, 2018

(Subject to Change)