12:00pm          Working with Crystals – Lasca Kisslinger

1:00pm            Essence of Forgiveness – Nanci Wesling

2:00pm            Everyday Messages from Spirit – Joanie Conn

3:00pm            Intuition: Our Higher Intelligence – Kristine Jenssen

4:00pm            Finding Time for You! Making Time for Reiki, Meditation,
                       Yoga, and More – Bertena Varney

5:00pm            Animals Can Talk – Latifa Meena

Saturday, January 20, 2018

(Subject to Change)

Sunday, January 21, 2018

(Subject to Change)

Speakers Schedule

​​10:00am            Dynamic Dowsing – Jenny Abell

11:00am            BEMER for Health – Brian Eastman

12:00pm            Refelexology using Ear Points – Marydale Coleman

1:00pm            Healing Touch – Judy Bagan

2:00pm            A Preview of 2018 – Dr. Daniel Hardt, Numerologist

3:00pm            Why Essential Oils Are Essential – Andrea Shetley

4:00pm            Learn to Breathe Again: Reconnect with YOU!
                       ​– Nancy Hutcherson

5:00pm            Energy Healing with Emotion Code – Dr. Sandy Hensley